Hans Fahden Vineyard // Napa Valley wedding Katie+Jason

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Hi everyone!  I would love to share with you Katie & Jason’s beautiful wedding that took place in Hans Fahden Vineyard.   Katie & Jason are a beautiful couple, and I really enjoyed working with them.  Their engagement session took place in San Francisco because that’s where they live.  The wedding took place in vineyards that is located in the heart of Napa Valley.

The reception place “the cave” was absolutely stunning .  This was really beautiful wedding in the award winning Northern California venue.




Hawaii wedding V+A {Oahu island} Lanikuhonua venue

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It was truly a blessing to be part of V+A wedding that took place in beautiful island of Oahu Hawaii.  The entire trip was such an amazing experience.

3 days before the wedding ::  I knew that I want to fly out from sunny California to Honolulu {Oahu island}  at least 3 days before the big day to explore the island and search for exotic locations and find beautiful scenery.   My goal was not only to capture the Big day but also to have a day after wedding photo session.   So when I flew in to Honolulu international airport, I already had rental car reservation, and that was great, because I was mobile and didn’t have to ask anyone for a ride.

2 days before the wedding,  I got up in the morning to continue exploring the island.   Later on that afternoon I went to the airport to pick my friend videographer Alexey Doloto who flew to Hawaii as well.   I was privileged to work along side with Alexey at many different weddings, so after I picked him up we went exploring island together.

1 day before the big day.   This is the day when I officially picked up my camera and starting shooting images.  Both bride’s and groom’s family organized the picnic beach party next to Lanikai beach.   I knew that we’ll be swimming a lot in ocean because weather was perfect, so I purchased underwater case for my Canon DSLR camera.   Later on that evening we went to see the venue one more time and I had a chance to talk to wedding coordinator.

Wedding day.   Wedding day was perfect.  We could not have asked for a better day.   The day before the wedding, when we were exploring downtown Honolulu, wind was strong  between 18-24 mph so I knew it could be a problem.  Also we constantly had big gusts of rain and I was worrying that it might hinder our photo session.  Yet when we arrived to downtown on V+A big day, the weather was perfect.   The entire three days that I stayed in Honolulu, we had tropical rain, yet we were blessed with the perfect weather during the wedding day!

Ceremony/Reception took in a super gorgeous Lanikuhonua venue.  Both ceremony and reception were approximately 50 feet away from the ocean, so we enjoyed the sound of waves.   After the ceremony we had cocktail hour and I managed to take lots of shots of guests talking to each other.   About an hour into the reception, we had a golden hour and the wedding coordinator gave us 15 minutes to take sun  images, and I have to say, that’s one of the best decisions from photographers stand point.  I absolutely loved that!

Day after the wedding we traveled to several amazingly beautiful  places, I only wish we had more time as I could work there forever! We still managed to take tons of amazing photos and for that, I am grateful!

  • Aleksandr Shik

    Jan 27, 2016, 8:41 pm

    Good job Andrey!


Morgan Creek golf club wedding | Aneta + Andrey

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Andrey & Aneta’s wedding was amazing!   I really enjoyed photographing this beautiful couple.  The ceremony took place at their local church and reception venue was at the beautiful Morgan Creek Golf course that is located in Roseville CA area.  Hope you enjoy these images as much as I loved taking them!