Lake Tahoe engagement photography {sneak peak}


Lake Tahoe engagement wedding photography

Lake Tahoe engagement photography.   Last week he had amazing time during this session.  Lake Tahoe engagement photography.   This is a sneak peak blog for upcoming blog post.  I was able to process and enhance all of their engagement images and now I would like to share some of their images with you guys as well.   This engagement photo session took place last week and we decided to travel all of way to Tahoe because I knew that Tahoe has gorgeous location with beautiful scenery. Few weeks before this shoot when we were planning this engagement session Karina decided to make custom bouquet of flowers and I have to say that looked so classic.  So day before this session she had to stay up until 2 am making it beautiful.   Because of their classy outfit I wanted to take them to epic locations with beautiful scenery and Lake Tahoe was perfect choice.    When we got to Tahoe area water was like a mirror reflecting mountains.    But I have to say that we were lucky to find so many other nice places to shoot before we got to Tahoe area.  So entire road from Sacramento to Tahoe is full of opportunities to take a lot of amazing shoots.  Just wanted to mention little bit about S+K wedding.    Wedding will  be in May this year in one of my favorite Sacramento area venues and t’s Grand Island Mention.   So I’m very excited for that!